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Found 7th Jun
My soft top used to open in two stages . Now it takes about 8 stages. Have I somehow changed the settings or is it broken ?
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Is "soft top" some kind of euphemism?

There seems to be an increase in threads, where people just expect others to know what they're talking about.
If you state what car it is, it may help
Have you tried wd40
Sorry, it's a Mini Cooper s. and it's a convertible. It used to open half way with one push of the button, now it takes 6 pushes of the button
Is there a red flashing light on the switches
No, it has a silver switch. The control panel is above my rear view mirro
Is the rear package tray/parcel shelf correctly seated
Yep, tried parcel shelf in all positions, it makes no difference
What does the manual say?

Also Cooper S is a trim level rather than a model. BMW Mini has made four models with soft tops, the two seat Roadster and three generations of the four seat Convertible. Most, possibly all, were available in Cooper S trim.
Join the mini owners club, thinks there's a few. Often cars have the same issues. Join and ask on the forum and chances are someone will have had the same issue and will know how to fix it
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