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    Hi, This is my first posting, so please excuse me if I've got it wrong. I have a question in that I ordered a game from Soft UK, it didn't arrive. Initially all the e-mails looked helpful, but now they've dried up completely - will not answer. I've tried phoning their customer helpline, but it always goes to voicemail.

    Has anyone else had problems with Soft UK. If so did you get any resolution and how?


    They appear renowned for non delivery and poor customer service. I hope you paid by credit card, give the cc provider a ring and they'll refund your payment back and investigate the company.

    If you paid by debit're on a loss and will have to ride it out

    I have used Soft Uk several times and have found their customer service spot on, it seems strange they are not answering their phones.

    I would keep trying :thumbsup:

    Soft Uk are pants, i ordered some stuff there, i had no replies to my email. My order turned up 3 weeks later

    I've used Softuk loads of times too and they've always been great but they do very rarely unfortunately have problems with dealing with occasional customer issues when they're struggling to deal with high demand.

    I'm positive Softuk won't let you down and they'll resolve the issue asap but my advise would be to keep trying and be patient but there's nothing to worry about as it will be resolved.

    Most of my orders have turned up the following day with orders, as they prodominantly dispatch the same day.

    Hi Delores,

    I'm sorry you have had trouble in contacting us recently.

    I have sent you a PM asking for your order and contact number - I'm confident I can resolve any problems you have experienced with your order.

    Kind Regards

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