Softmod Xbox without Action Replay


    I softmodded my xbox a couple of years ago, but have got hold of another and wanted to do it again. Is there a way of softmodding without the action replay as im sure i didnt have it before



    Yes, I did mine without buying in any games or accessories.

    I believe it involves booting up a special CD (probably a tiny Linux distribution or something) and hot swapping the internal drive after it's been unlocked by the Xbox. I can't remember much more than that but it's possible.

    Yes - I've done 3 using this tutorial.…263

    The only cost is a blank CD.

    You do need to Hotswap so need a PC with IDE HDD connection (not SATA)


    I bought an Xploder off ebay, downloaded the hacked splinter cell game, easiest way to do it, this installs the other dashboard etc too, don't have to take apart the xbox then.
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