softmodded wii and original GC games question

right guys, ive been on google but cant seem to get a definitive answer to this.

will a softmodded wii allow me to play original jap and american Gamecube games on it without a freeloader boot disc?

ive got a load of GC games im sure the kids would enjoy playing but my jap gc has not got a pal converter.

if anyone know for definate then if they could let me know please.

side question, can you play GC iso's on a softmodded wii without too much hassle?


is this not a case of plug it in and let it fly. it shouldnt kill it anyway... it is most likely locked by the dvd drive so might be best to google the drive type...

Yes and Yes. iso's have to be burnt to disc tho.

When and what did u mod it with. Im a bit out of touch but gbatemp has loads of guides on how to get it working. I had multi boot discs at one point for go.

USB GC loading has been do-able for a while now


Or you could buy the games properly
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