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Found 19th Apr 2009
before i start askin questions i am completely in the darka about what this means so if a ask a stupid question just laugh at my ignorance lol

right so i'm tempted to do this soft modding thing and have heard of a couple of ways to do this but (this mightbe one of them stupdi q) if i want to run emulators for like mega drive games, atari games etc is it the same type of modding??

also if i do that and turn it into a emulating box of gaming history can i also put in files that would like me watch avi's or dvds (again prob daft q)

i've been on a couple of sites about this but its going over my head and i'm getting confused (which ain't hard) DL'd an xbow emu pack but its getting so complex what people are tellin me i feel really outta my dept now.

was tempeted to put in a bigger HD but again thats just causing me headaches cause i'm getting conflicting feedback of those in the know

any thoughts, advice help or answered would be greatly appreciated



Hi there, i've done it twice now

1st, once its softmodded you can run whatever you want, there are different dashboards, but you can run programs from all of them. I use XBMC (xbox media center).

2nd, don't worry about the harddrive - yet, once you're modded you can worry about that

There are a few ways of performing the mod, I used the hot-swap method both times, it is supposed to be the more risky of the options, but at 10quid an xbox, no great loss if it goes wrong.


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cheers mate might try the replay meth just gotta get my mitts on a kit now lol

the way i did it was with the Splinter Cell Save game exploit and orginal splinter cell game, took me about 10mins on my first one.

then swapping hard disk took about 30mins all together.

i'll dig out the link for softmodding the way i did it and post it for you

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cheers guys rep added

if you want to go the route of the save game exploit you will need the folowing...

Splinter cell game - orginal version
action replay or access to another modded xbox

for the hot-swap option you will need....

a pc that you can take apart and run next to the xbox....

....and balls of steel

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cheers guys just need to get action replay cart and i'm good to go cheers for answering my daft Q

I've done it with the Splinter Cell method a couple of times and found it real easy.

Wish i didn't miss out on the last Game £10 offer, i could do with another one for the spare room!!
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