Found 12th Dec 2007
i've been trying to contact them since yesterday but their number is always "busy". i've emailed them but no answer yet.

i placed an order with them but never entered my card details as i wanted to enter a code but couldn't find any "back" button, however it counted it as an order so the next day (yesterday) i got an email saying please re-enter ur card details, which i did.
24 hours later it still shows as card payment failed and i needed the game to be delivered before friday so i now want to cancel the order, but they won't pick up their phones!

their number is

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I would avoid SoftUK
They wont respond to my order and my order from thursday is still sitting in pending.I've tried emailing to cancel and had no reply

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ye... too late for that. they were quick at emailing me saying i haven't made any payment though

I placed an order back on the 23rd October, the money was taken and supposedly my item was despatched. In the first week of Nov I e-mailed them asking where my item was, they mailed back the very next day saying that it probably got lost in the post, and to fill in a claim form they attached, and to post it back to them. Which I did. It's now the 12th December, and they have not responded to any e-mails, answerphone messages, or even a letter that I have sent recorded delivery and that has been signed for.

The signs don't look good, and if I was a betting man I'd say they were going under as LOTS of other people are having problems. If you paid by credit card you should be covered, but me being a muppet paid by debit, so I'll probably not see anything. Avoid like the plague.


****** i wish I had read this before ordering.
Ordered nintendogs dalmations for the ds lite and they sent me lord of the rings tactics for the psp but they are unobtainable by phone and have not answered the e-mail I sent yesterday. Will my credit card company be interested / refund the money as it's only £20.67 and they did send me something?

Their address at 72 New Bond Street is that of a virtual office/company formation services. Why trade with a company that goes so far as to conceal their real identity and location?

I am new to Hot Deals but I have joined to take part in this thread. I too am having real problems with Soft UK. I have been using them with no problem for about 9 months - now this month they have started charging my card & not dispatching goods. I have contacted my credit card company today & I will be sending them evidence of what has been going on. They are impossible to contact in any way - I have tried emailing all the addresses I could find, I have written a letter to the New Bond Street address (but it seems that was pointless after what 'vikingaero' has said) & you can't get through on the phone.
Is is worth taking to anyone else as I hate to think of the people who will continue to buy from them? What about Trading Standards?


I would avoid SoftUKThey wont respond to my order and my order from … I would avoid SoftUKThey wont respond to my order and my order from thursday is still sitting in pending.I've tried emailing to cancel and had no reply

As a reputable company, a company that does not want to hide away I would like to apologise on behalf of SoftUk for the lack of customer services via email and phone over the Christmas period. We suffered severe delays in dispatching orders due to a 100% increase in orders from mid November onwards which was not fully anticipated.

There have been a number of issues raised over the Christmas period such as emails and phones not being answered, second hand games being sent to customers, confirmation emails not being received and customers chasing their credit card companies. I will now try to address each issue raised.

Firstly, we do not sell second hand games. If anyone has received a game that is not brand new or in the condition they would expect then we will refund or replace the game.

In trying to dispatch all orders the same day we did not have the man power to answer the phone enquiries and emails at our normal extremely quick response times. We understand the importance of excellent customer services and we would never ignore any enquiries. We are currently working round the clock to answer all enquiries and we are in the process of introducing a number of measures to ensure this never happens again.

With regards to the ‘confirmation’ emails not being received by customers we have now introduced new measures to make sure these are now received. We became aware mid November that a large percentage of emails were not being received by Hotmail account holders and some other accounts run by Microsoft. We have made necessary changes so that all confirmations emails are now received.

Due to a combination of the above issues their were a number of customers that took action in contacting their credit card companies to stop payment as we could not reassure them that their orders were being dealt with and would be delivered in time for Christmas. I would urge any customers that are still awaiting a response or are not happy with any part of the service they have received to contact me by ‘PM’ via this forum or email customerservices at

As a thank you for your continued support, we're putting together a very special exclusive offer to our customers that remained loyal in the hope that anyone who experienced a poor service will give us another chance to see that everything is back to normal and to test the extra measures we are currently putting in place in order to avoid these problems ever occurring in the future.

I would like to thank all the loyal customers that have supported us … an existing customer, I'm sure you're aware that we're renowned for our quick delivery, as well as some of the lowest prices in Europe and we want you to understand that we want to treat our customers as they deserve, so we promise we will make it up to you in the very near future, so do watch this space.

Kind Regards

Steven Wright

Re: my post earlier in this thread (incorrect software delivered). I'd like to say a big thank you to Steven.
I contacted Steven before Xmas to see if he could help me after being unable to contact customer support and sure enough he arranged for the correct software to be sent out via special delivery the very same day - just in time for Xmas. I would have no hestiation in ordering from softuk again.
Thanks again Steven.
Best wishes
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