Groups (Lack of) Customer Services

    I recently purchased Guitar Hero Aerosmith Solus using the discount code,
    "COOL 12" which brought the order total to £11.43. However, according to my
    credit card statement I have been charged £12.99. Obviously I would not have ordered
    it from if I'd have known, as WHSmith were doing the same game for £11.93 (+ Quidco I might add) at the time.

    I e-mailed about this (twice) and they told me tough ****. I've used many many times and never experienced any problems until now. For the sake of £1.56 they have lost a pretty good customer. It staggers me how little a company can value a customer! Gone are the days of goodwill gestures to keep customers, eh?



    My SoftUK woes..

    I've shopped with these before, they are a nightmare - I ordered a few games that came to around £60 and despite me having a SoftUK collector account and that they have my bank details to pay the credit into they wanted me to fax or send a copy of a utility bill or passport or driving licence before they would dispatch the order!!

    I said due to identity theft I wasn't going to do this - so I said I'd like to cancel the order - 'OK that's cancelled' came the casual reply..

    I then had to order all the games separately and some of them came unseald/dirty/used looking so I returned them. Now all of a sudden my account seems to be 'on hold' and I can no longer order from them.

    Spoke to them many times on the phone - the office there seems very quiet indeed - they said they will try and sort my account out but I don't think I'll be back.

    Another good customer lost.

    they don't exist anymore



    Original Poster


    they don't exist anymore[url][/url]lol

    I thought that was a joke until I visited the site again for myself!!

    Well I guess this explains why they couldn't give a stuff about customer retention!
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