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    Hi all, been a member here for months, but only today found out that there is a 'free software downloads' area....for the life of me i can't find where it is...could someone post a link? cheers.


    There is no dedicated area... we used to have one big thread, but don't really use that anymore.

    To be honest if it is software downloads that you are after - this isn't really the kind of place you will find em.....

    Most of those type of bits are on other sites...... Errr... how can I put it?? You know file sharing.... I wont say any names and im not getting into the rights and wrongs of it - but suffice to say there are quite a few out there......

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    I know what you mean, i know all about those sites.
    I just thought that there was a 'useful' software area, free anti virus, system scanners, media players, things like that, but fear not, cheers.

    You are thinking of this thread, its a shame its not used much now as there is some good freeware available, ive just started using openoffice this week and already I prefer it to Microsofts offerings new and old. The thread introduced people to some useful software to that you never knew you needed!

    [CENTER] ][SIZE=4][COLOR=Blue]Free useful software[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]

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    Thank you very much harlzter.
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