Posted 5th Mar 2023
Hi, I own a Pioneer BDR-XD07TUHD external Blu-Ray drive and now looking for software that will allow me to play 4K UHD Blu-Ray discs on my computer. What do people recommend? Thanks
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    VLC says it will if your hardware can run without glitch (edited)
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    Isn't that drive bundled with CyberLink duffware, with an optional CL download to check if your hardware supports 4k?

    Not played (sic) with physical media for a while, but recall most commercial BR media had some sort of DRM/encryption that prevented simple access via PC-based kit.
    DVDfab had/has methodology to circumvent DRM and its "Playerfab" product claims to be the one-stop media player, inc BR 4k.
    Silly £150 pricetag…htm
    but often available for £150 less by websearch for "Playerfab portable" whilst using a browser with robust adblock and antimalware.

    May also worth a few mins checking for any applicability of
    Intel SGX bluray fix.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    The Pioneer was purchased second hand and didn't come with the CyberLink software.

    Just checked the VLC website and see it should work with 4K, so will check it with my hardware.

    Happy to try other free software if anyone is aware of anything else... (edited)
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    Commercial Blu-rays are encrypted and VLC can't play them out the box without you getting the encryption keys, luckily it's easy to find how on google. The 3rd or so link will tell you how.

    49701134-Zt0Gg.jpg (edited)
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    Jriver media is excellent
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