software for clearing out your ipod classic,

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone new of any programs that i can use to take the music and photo's off my ipod, my computer had to be re installed so my ipod is no longer recognized,

    Thank you


    just shake it like a etch a sketch.

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    thanks for that, was thinking about freezing it but will give your idea a try first.

    A warm hairdyer helps remove most things if they are stubborn or a spot of WD40.

    Are you wanting to remove the songs from the ipod back to your pc?

    To transfer your tunes to a fresh pc from your ipood ave a look ]here,]here, ]here, or ]here.

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    yes, it's a real pain, all my photo's are on there as well,
    Any ideas?

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    thanks for the help harlzter,:)

    Sharepod rocks.


    See ]post 6

    Or even post 5

    i use ephpod and works like a charm!! its free and availabl!!


    should still come up in itunes :S, try resetting it (think it's in the booklet) if it comes up, try restoring it. that will wipe everything off and back to factory settings.
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