Software for sorting duplicate photos?

Posted 15th Nov
Over the years, I've taken quite a few pictures with various phones I've had.
I sometimes backup the photo folders to a portable hard drive, but quite often don't delete them from my phone. Therefore next time I backup, a lot of the original photos end up in the new folder.

I've probably got a few 1000 duplicates at present and they're taking up a lot of space on my drives.

Is there anything decent software wise that can sort through a drive and let me filter out the duplicates, some photos possibly having quite a few copies (hopefully the same filename).
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Use cloud to store photos and let them deal with it. I've given up on storing myself.
To answer there are phone apps and pc software that will do it.
I rather just upload the lot to google photos or other and they sort it
thank you, i have the same problem... was planning on trying to sort myself now i dont need to...
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