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    I use Zone Alarm version 6.1.744.001 and I have Macafee security centre 2006.
    I have recently tried to install the later version of Zone Alarm 6.5.731.000

    Tells me I have to uninstall macafee for it to install.

    Does this mean they are totally incompatible or can I reinstall macafee afterwards?

    Hope I am not in the wrong area ! If I am please remove



    Have a read at this:



    Thank you for contacting Zone Labs Technical Support.I understand that … Thank you for contacting Zone Labs Technical Support.I understand that you are getting a message about removing McAfee when trying to install the newest version of ZoneAlarm. I apologize for the inconvenience.The new ZoneAlarm 6.5 versions currently have an installation issue related to McAfee antivirus products. When a customer downloads a ZoneAlarm solution, installation of ZoneAlarm is halted upon detection of McAfee antivirus products on the host system. This process, called 'gating', is used as a protection mechanism for our customers when a known incompatibility exists between ZoneAlarm and another software program. In this case the gating was in error as no product incompatibility exists.We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our users and we are working diligently to resolve this problem. A fix is currently under development and we hope to issue it in the next 24 hours, so customers looking to run one of our non-antivirus solutions can also run McAfee antivirus products concurrently. In the meantime, our customers can also successfully install both products by completing the ZoneAlarm installation first and then re-installing McAfee.

    Original Poster

    Many thanks for your kind help.

    I will sit down and work through the fix when I have a spare hour.

    I have added to your Reputation....
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