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Found 5th Jan 2010
Can anyone recommend any software to sort folders of MP3s out. Would be nice if it separated songs into their correct folders by album. Would also be nice if it indexed them and downloaded artwork and put one standard of file naming.
Really need the mess of my Music folder sorting on my WHS now I have a couple of Squeezeboxes to stream to.

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iTunes is good for organising the MP3s into folders by album and getting some/most of the artwork.

Having done that you can use Windows Media Player 12 to download album art and alter song names for those that itunes missed (right-click the song and choose find album info. It will allow you to update name and pictures with a few simple clicks and in most instances without having to type names yourself).

I went through that misery myself a few days ago, after having bought my new Sony MP3/Video player.

]Media Monkey is your friend :thumbsup:


lol there isnt a magic software that will sort all this out im afraid but as above media monkey is probably closest but you still have to manually sort a lot of it out

if only people tagged things all in the same why as a standard rather than higgeldy piggeldy:)

itunes and windows explorer, might take a while if its all from unknown sources :whistling:

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I'll give Media Monkey a whirl, cheers guys.
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