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    I've just got an allotment, which hasn't been used for quite a few years.

    Does anyone have any tips for turning the soil over easily, but with little cost involved.
    I know about rotavators, but they are above our budget.

    Thanks for help received.


    No rotovator = very sore back.:-D

    Cheapest alternative: spade and fork.

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    No rotovator = very sore back.:-D

    Already got one of those! :whistling:

    Get the wife to turn it over with a spade......

    you got to hire a rotavator, not that much for a day or a little more for a weekend....has to be worth it becaus ethe alternative is very hard work...

    Quick look round and I found one for £33 per day

    good luck, we are on year 3 at the allotment and still on a never ending fight with weeds. not to mention pests!

    have a word around at site, it might be someone has a rotovator you can use or a site one which can be hired cheap. will only chop weeds up though. best thing really is to do it with fork and spade, patch by patch.

    spuds are good for the first year, will get you turning soil over to dig them up ;-) beans, onions, garlic and courgette are generally easy to grow too, don't try and do too much the 1st year. it is hard work, but a nice escape on a sunny day


    Cover as much as you can with thick black plastic sheeting held down with old carpet and bricks . the weeds will die and the worms will break the soil up a lot.leave it down for as long as you can - it will only make it easier the longer its covered. the rest is healthy fun hard work.


    No rotovator = very sore back.:-DCheapest alternative: spade and fork.

    thats what i used,really cheap

    ring the local police station & tell them you think theres a body buried :whistling:

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    thanks for everyones help
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