Solar cover for 12ft pool

Found 1st Jul 2009
Hi, has anyone used a solar cover to heat their pool? I am thinking of getting one as the pool heater doesn't seem to do the job. There seems to be 2 types, one being a normal solar cover and the other being a cover which has the bubbles on and is 200 microns. The cheapest I can find is £27.00. If anyone can let me know if these are any good it would be very much appreciated.

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We had one a couple of years back. Is your pool really that cold ? I only say because yes they do work - too well! the pool was no longer refreshing to be in - resembled a bath really lol. Ours was the bubblewrap type one.
I wish I had this problem, but good luck in finding your solution.
Thanks for that, I think its worth paying the extra for the bubble cover.
I don't think I paid anything near that price though Trude. But ours was only an 8ft one. I've since given it, the cover and all the chemicals away since then. Daughter has a trampoline now (actually we're on our second one of those lol but don't ask lol).

I got mine off ebay. It really is just a big circle of bubblewrap (but blue). As these are designed to sit on top of the water if you use a bobber to deliver your chlorine it won't be so effective (the bobber won't be as effective).

Of course I've already presumed your 12ft pool is round ? LOL there are cheaper ones on ebay for your pool size than £27.99
i think i have one in my shed - never been used - i bought it cos it was, at the time, a good price - then decided the size of the pool was too big so bought a smaller one with it's own cover - might work out cheaper to buy from a company though cos of postage costs
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