solar driveway lights

Found 27th Aug 2017
Hi everyone i am looking to buy my new brick driveway lights, (my driveway no ready yet )please anyone now where to get solar panel square light.
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sorry don't know,
but my little experience with solar lights is that they stop working in the winter (when you need them the most) but technology might have advanced a bit these days.

I personally would consider a low voltage alternative or mains powered which an electrician would need to install.…074

this one is only £8 and you could fit an led bulb…336
Agree with AzeemB.

My previous experience (likewise a few years ago) is that they are useless in winter; insufficent daylight and long nights!. The solar panels on these lights were very poor quality.

Would also suggest an LED light - means you need to run power cables but easily done if renewing your drive. Could also fit them to a PIR if you wanted.
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