Solar Mobile phones charger

    Hi there.
    I am after a solar mobile charger.
    the one I have seen in the net come with these adopters etc.
    Is there any with 240v output with a socket and you just PLUG in your normal charger.…jpg


    Not with a solar panel that's portable. The problem is that all your adaptor does is transform the voltage down to the requirement of the device, typically 5-12V. It would be hideously inefficient to power a 240V adaptor just for the purpose of transforming down again. I think you'll find that even the existing solar chargers struggle to meet the current (as in electrickery current) requirements of your devices, charging them slower than your normal plug would.


    Best one i had before getting it wet was Scotty, they now do the Scotty Pro £49.99 google it. You can put two AA batteries in and charges anything, in direct light charges my phone in no time.
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