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Posted 16th Sep
Need some info on this if possible.
In the process of buying a house that has solar panels installed and bought outright by the current owner. They are included in tge sale, however they never got the feed in tarif (FIT) box installed due to family tradegy and never got round to it.
Now my question is, is it worth getting it installed now to sell it back or just keep it as is.
Cheers and thank you.
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Get the entire set up deetails & join the navitron renewables forum without delay to get a proper up to date "legal" response, sounds a bit iffy to me (could be wrong) but a lot of legwork to get the fits set up, & the description of a "fits box" is somewhat dsconcerting as you tend to give the power company readings.
Navitron folks will tell you what you need to get off the homeowner to verify the paperwork, sign off etc, of course it will be the LOW rate but money is money.
I have panels and don't know what is meant by the "FIT Box".

To qualify for payments the system just had to be registered with the appropriate body then set up with a Energy company. The scheme is now closed - so I suspect it will be too late to register.
It sounds more like a home install. A genuine company would have done all necessary connections to the mains at the electric meter.
The "fit" box I'm guessing would be the feed in tariff meter that is fixed somewhere in the house and record all the kwh that the solar panels ate generating and feeding in to the mains supply.
To be honest your screwed for getting it done now as the fit is pretty much finished plus it needs to be done by a registered solar installation dude.
What you could do is buy a battery storage system for it to make it last better rather than just during the day. Also if it has a conventional heating system with a hot water storage tank then you could buy a smart switch that will turn the immersion heater on when there is spare solar and save you a fortune on gas too.
Give me a shout if you want any advice.…303
Sounds exceedingly dodgy. Having a very hard time thinking of a GOOD reason for such a tale

As Van1973 says, there is no FIT Box. The Feed In Tariff was a scheme you were applied for if a properly (MCS accredited) supplier fitted the kit.

One possibility is that the current owners are trying to hide the fact they have registered and want to keep the money rolling in (£2000+ pa). A very blunt question is needed because that would raise issues over ownership and responsibilities
"FIT BOX" was me dumbing it down for me. It's been confirmed by lawyers that it was bought outright by the current owners but never connected to resell to the leccy companies.
lawyer or solicitor? regardless you ought know system is installed properly, how many hours the kit has done,specifically the INVERTER (the big bit of electrical kit) full run down of the kit, (does it have solar edge type kit on each panel, micro-inverters), verification the system is in "good health" all panels working, there any data available on that?
were there any spare panels (really) for "in case" ..those ought be included. (through realistically if a panel has a fault you know before the year is out).
If the inverter is in the loft (adverse heat build up which may well shorten the inverter lifespan considerably) or sensibly placed.

What the set up is (panels, model, brand, power rating) Inverter, age, model, hours.
Where the install is, what direction (ie how many degree's off south for example) latitude of install / which town you are near.
Date of install, cumulative data of hours & energy.
As I say, navitron will likely be able give you comparable data if you ask nicely & general info.
To me that doesnt sound right at all. The FIT feed in doesnt take anytime at all when the kit is set up - its done the same day. So that bit isnt right. BUT it is possible they didnt get the kit registered with an energy supplier in time. They have deadlines as to when the panels could be registered (usually relating to the rate of feed in payments available). I doubt very much you can now get any sort of payments as the scheme is closed so I'd say ignore that side of the payment/value from the purchase.
"Now my question is, is it worth getting it installed now to sell it back or just keep it as is."
have a look here…ffs

I don't know what system you have, but for a typical 3kWp (as many domestic buildings have), if the system works properly, you'll get something like 7-8 kWh during a full sunny day.
The Gov says: "You’ll get 5.24p per unit of electricity.", which unit is 1kWh and "You can sell back half of the units of electricity you generate.". It means that for a 3kWp you may sell max 4kWp (4*5.24p equals approx 20p/day; 20p*365 equals approx £73/year, only if all days are the same, sunny and nice). Probably a 3kWp system will not get, in average over a year, more than 4kWh/day (and I'm still optimistic), which means: 2kWh(selling)*5.24p*365 days/100 approx £39.

To buy batteries is way too expensive and, excepting for the case when you live in an isolated area, it simply doesn't worth the cost. Eventually if you know someone who knows someone who can help you with several large Diesel/trucks 12v or 24v batteries then you can save the energy you produce during the day to use it later.
TobyZ16/09/2019 23:15

"Now my question is, is it worth getting it installed now to sell it back …"Now my question is, is it worth getting it installed now to sell it back or just keep it as is."have a look here

Note that stopped accepting installs after 31st March 2019 with all paperwork needing submitting by March next year.... so if they still have the paperwork they can put it in (albeit on a lower tarrif to what they possibly initially thought).

However, if they've no paperwork I'd be SERIOUSLY questioning things - especially around safety and the install.
Very weird as the FIT is just a reference given with a serial number your solar panel reading box which is installed on the same day as you go live getting electricity.

They ask for your readings and assume that 50% that the electricity produced went back to the grid.
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