Solar panels

    Some time ago there were offers for free solar panels and fitting.

    Did anyone have any fitted?

    What were your experiences and have you found a real financial benefit from this?

    Have just had an initial visit from 'Home sun' so am interested in any experiences people have had.


    I had some fitted by A Shade Greener last month. So far I am really happy, had no bills yet so cannot compare. However on an average day in October they have been producing anywhere between 300w and 1.9kw according to my meter. To give you an idea we use approx 800w when we are all in using lights tv's etc.
    Obviously the main benefits will come in the summer months.

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    Did you have the free panels or pay for them?

    I was told if I paid for them then I would get paid for each unit of electricity produced, with the free ones the comany gets that payment?

    Sounds like even in October you are producing a reasonable amount of electricity.

    They were free.
    You are correct, if you have the £15,000 - £20,000 approx to pay for them yourselves then that's fine. I think it takes approx 14 years on average to make your money back.

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    Thanks for your comments, would really appreciate it if you are able to update me when you get your bill if there is a difference-home sun wants £5 per month towards maintenance, this is index linked but there will be no further costs.

    No, ASG don't charge a penny. If they are supplying them free then they are making enough out of you. That is just wrong !!


    Not allowed solar panels stupid conservation area status

    I am an electrician and install solar panels so if your serious about getting some visit beco solar
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