Solar power heaters for my garage

Found 1st Nov 2008
I would like to run an oiled filled radiator in my garage to keep the cold/damp out during the winter, however I'm sure it costs around 1kw per hour (perhaps someone could suggest a cost efficient version) and over the course of a month could clock up a substantial bill

So I wanted to find out if there was such a thing, my garage is south facing, so would be ideal to have solar panel to power this type of radiator
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i'd be very surpised if you could get a viable solar panel to power a heater, i think it would need to be too big and thus expensive (panel) to be cost effctive!
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No it will not work... you will need a lot of batteries to store enough power to juice up a 1kW heater. You need to try and use the solar directly - like a greenhouse does. Plenty of light and in during the day then cover up the windows at night.
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