Solar Powered garden lights

    Im looking for some for my garden because there is a path and its hard to see where your going at night so im thinking of getting some. My budget is around £25 and preferably more than a pair. Has anyone got any that they can recommend?



    poundland had some - work well enough. certainly not worth paying out for the more expensive ones in my opinion

    Wilkinsons have some solar lights in now that £2.40 each (reduced from £4.00 each) and are about 2 foot tall. They are quite bright and look quite good in the garden. Hope this helps

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    Thanks! Both repped

    I have bought cheap ones and expensive ones.
    They all work very well during the summer months but are pretty poor during winter.
    You can however, take the batteries out and recharge them using a mains charger in the winter to help keep them topped up.

    Personally, I'd avoid the solar lights with the panel built into the top, as they block most of the light coming out of them (probably the reason most comment on them being dimmer than plug in lights)

    I recently bought a couple of sets from Wilkinsons for £10 for four lights which, whilst don't plug into the mains, still attach to each other. At the end of the series is a solar panel.

    This means that the top of the light is a clear plastic, not an ugly light blocking solar panel.

    I was in maplin's a couple of weeks ago and they were selling the solar spot lights built into rocks [moulded plastic rock]s . Good quality ones though ,with 3 LED's inside . They were only £2.99 each . I bought 3 .
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