Sold an item - Delivery to NI "Parcel Motel" - Should I Send?

Posted 10th Nov 2016
So I sold an item worth £125 on Amazon.

The buyer has listed the delivery address in Northern Ireland - and then looking into the specific address, it is "Parcel Motel" (Co Antrim).

It is this company he is using:

I'm slightly wary delivering an expensive item like this to what is not the address of the buyer. Are there any potential pitfalls or should I go ahead or definitely back out?

MyHermes will cover it for £9.45 with £125 cover. But that's of course only to the address I state. What happens if and when they say it is broken. They'll all say it was the other delivery company - and Amazon would refund the buyer - and I would be out of pocket with no company taking responsibility.
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