Sold our Wii, what data do I need to delete?

    I sold our Wii yesterday and now I´m wondering if I missed
    anything data wise to delete.
    I deleted all our contacts in the addressbook
    and the shop link to our club nintendo account.
    Is that it? The shop I don´t have to delete because the credit card
    doesn´t get stored when you buy something....
    So is there anything else or is the Wii good to go to it´s new owner?


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    that looks to be about it, your right about the credit card not being stored! link to club and any email addresses linked to the wii. cant think of anything else

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    Thanks Just wanted to make sure as it seemed like
    not much to delete

    You can do a full system reset if you like - it'll change everything back to the factory settings. Only thing is I can't remember how to do it off the top of my head..... I can let you know once I get home though :thumbsup:

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    Yeah I know
    Thing is I sold it along WITH the downloaded games so I can´t do that
    as it would delete all downloaded channels and downloaded games....

    does it save any passwords on the internet channel? im not sure have not used it about a year or so!

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    I deleted the "save" data from the internet channel which is like the cache on
    a computer I suppose so that should be sorted I guess
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