Posted 28th Jul 2022
So I sold two tickets yesterday to an event which is in a few weeks. I have the tickets but viagogo wants them uploaded as a PDf but the only option for me is to transfer them securely through the AXS app.

Does anyone know a way around this? It doesn't seem like Viagogo is going to give me the option to simply get in touch with the buyer and transfer them. From what I can see on FAQs they're going to make me pay for the cost of tickets + extras just because I can't provide the ticket on a PDF...
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    Screenshot? There are websites to convert a picture file to pdf. Or open in Chrome and print to pdf?
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    Hope they charge a scalper like you big times (edited)
    Not everyone is a scalper, some genuinely can't go. I had 3 tickets for Green Day in London, got rescheduled twice and the eventual date I was in Latvia so couldn't go. Ticketmaster have a terrible resale system where you get ticket face value back but they sell for whatever they like it seems, but if it doesn't sell it's your problem! I used viagogo, got almost double for one and more like half for the other 2 so even in the end! If I'd sold them way in advance I'd have made a packet but I waited til the last few days as was trying to see if it was viable to come back for it.
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    If you’ve got an iPhone use notes and take a photo which gives you option to convert to pdf
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    Don't do reviews about this outfit first.
    I have had bad experience with them.
    Sold tickets they wanted proof that event actually took place. ...
    Along with many many emails...
    Try face book noviagogo ...or something like that there is victims group.
    He said already sold
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    Did you manage to get this sorted as i am having the same issue would appreciate your help?
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