Soldering Iron? 15w or 25w?

Found 21st Feb 2014

What is better for fine circuitry work. I just want it for use on DS lite motherboards, and repair of connections (e.g spade connectors).

Antex XS25 or Antex CS18?

XS25 - ebay.co.uk/itm…868
Cheaper XS25 (do these have warranty??) cpc.farnell.com/1/1…tml

CS18 cpc.farnell.com/ant…019

Also I might want the entire kit, soldering iron, solder, stand, desolder, flux etc... anyone got any ideas? Want to spend up to £50 for long lasting and reliable equipment. Should I get a 1mm tip (small enough?)

Also any guides to soldering?
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The 25W one looks reasonable, you will also want desoldering braid, a stand if it doesn't come with one and a bottle for water to soak the sponge occasionally, plus lead-free solder and some cleaner to remove the flux unless you get no-clean solder. A firm-ish brush is also good for cleaning (bristle area about 2cm x 1cm). I'd avoid bottles of flux unless you're soldering fine-pitch ICs. I'd also get a piece of board or something to solder over to avoid damaging anything.

(My personal favorite Iron is the Oki PS-900, but it's not in your price bracket I'm afraid. I also like conical tips.)

Water bottle example (not essential): http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/squeeze-bottles/5484289/
Cleaner example: http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/precision-cleaners-degreasers/0180803
Braid: xuron.com/ind…103 (I don't bother with the guns)
I like 0.5mm solder, but thicker stuff is useful for chunky connectors. E.g. Stannol Sn95ag4cu1 solder (Tin/Silver/Copper, no Pb).
Thanks you have a perfect answer!

I'll just shop around and when I get back from work I'll tell you what I have in mind and hopefully you can see if they're any good.

Also what tip should I get? 1mm? 0.5mm?

Ideally I want everything needed and more expensive stuff I can buy later on...
I'm not really sure what you are soldering. Also I'm not sure why this is on HotUKDeals. I'll try to help anyway.

Soldering Iron Tips are very much a personal thing. Different people have different preferences. I know people who do great work with tips I'm never use.

I like conical tips (or very fine chisels), others like bigger chisels, etc. etc. I'm often messing with fine stuff like 0402s.
Examples of ones I like (but like I said you may well prefer something very different):

For the PS-900: Metcal SFV-CNL10A
1mm chisel (it's conical-ish)

For my Weller TCP/PS-2D Iron (which I use for Lead solder): Weller PT-P7 (700F/370C for leaded solder)/PT-P8 (800F/425C for Unleaded)
0.8mm conical.

One thing to check is that an iron gets hot enough to work with unleaded solder, which any vaguely recent board will use (it requires a higher temperature). I'd assume anything sold now would be fine... probably. See the numbers above in the Weller section for an idea.

Good luck!
P.S. a magnifier on a stand might also be a good idea.
This is on HUKD because I wanted something cheap and with advice. If you can direct me to a decent soldering forum then I'm happy.

I'm soldering things like DS motherboards http://freemansgarage.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/P1010026.jpg
Spade connectors - http://i.imgur.com/FynKiQw.jpg

And whatever I can solder! Soldering sounds like it can be extremely useful and beneficial and it sounds like something great to learn at an early age

Also I'm not sure why you haven't read my OP because I state clearly what I want and why so.

Anyways as for the tips could I use a similar version except built for antex? I prefer antex as my school uses them and they seem really easy to use.
I did read your post, but there is a big difference between soldering wires/connectors and working with small surface-mount ICs and Passives. For the spade terminals you need a big flat tip to get a lot of heat into it. Also something to hold it (pliers, etc.) as it will get hot (the solder won't flow until the terminal is pretty hot).

Sorry, you'll have to Google for a forum, I just do Electronics for a living and haven't needed that sort of thing :-)

Antex is fine, I used to use one (a while back now). I'd suggest starting with the flat angled tip and seeing how you get on, you can always use the back edge of the tip..
OK thanks.

So I'll purchase both a flat tip and a conical tip. I have some spare cheapo silverline tips somewhere.. could I use this as a backup if ever needed?


Also will this fit? http://cpc.farnell.com/jsp/search/productdetail.jsp?sku=AN55
and cpc.farnell.com/jsp…N54
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