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    Hi all,

    Where is the best place to get a soldering iron & solder from ?

    I seen them last year in woolies for a tenner, just wondered if there are any decently priced one's about ?




    you can get one there for £2.50

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    I was looking on there before, but havent a clue about soldering irons ??

    Which one would be decent enough to solder some intricate components ? Do you get solder with it ?


    Solder Iron - £7.99

    Would imagine you can pick these up from any DIY store. Also you may need a few accesories (stand, mat, solder etc) . Could be worh going for a kit.

    Have a read of this - from what I read use a lower wattage for more fiddly work (15-25 watts). The one I posted above is probably for bigger joints.

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    Cheers guys, I'll nip to Maplins at the weekend

    If you have an Lidl nearby...£4.99


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    If you have an Lidl … If you have an Lidl nearby...£4.99

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    Picked one up yesterday for a fiver & it did the job perfectly !

    Can't see how they can sell them at that price? Soldering iron, solder, 2 tips, holder, sponge etc all included

    I used it to mod my 360 pad for rapid fire


    I used it to mod my 360 pad for rapid fire

    Hope I don't meet you on Xbox Live...

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    lol, it's ace with the G3 on COD4, it turns it into a machine gun
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