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    I'm after a basic soldering kit for my 14 year old son for school projects, I know nothing about soldering, any ideas?

    Thanks :-)


    this is an ideal kit for him, i got one for my son of the same age.…427

    As above but with a little more information…9m1

    Variable solder station for £29.99 ( I bought one of these and the adjustment works well).

    As for why you need the adjustment, when soldering different components; you can find the right heat for the job (nothing worse than lifting a track or overheating something ), the cone point tip on max heat is great for those fiddly jobs but you wouldn't want to use a chisel tip on the same setting etc...

    Nice controls if a little "clunky" but make sure you get the solder tips at £4.99 as the station is only supplied with a gerneral purpose tip.

    Had mine for about a year and used on many small projects. My personal opinion is that for the cash you couldn't do much better (unless you hit it on a deal)

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    Hope this helps


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    Thanks will take a look

    I'm pretty sure Aldi had a soldering kit for about a fiver

    If its going to be used for soldering semiconductor devices (transistors, ICs etc) make sure you get a decent iron (not a £5 job) as the cheaper irons leak current through the tip which can potentially destroy the semiconductors. The Antex CS and XS irons (18W and 25W) are probably the best irons to go for if your budget cannot stretch to one of the temperature controlled stations.
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