Solicitor Letter Cost?

    How much will a solicitor charge to write a letter stating the marital status of my mother? i asked a friend who said it would be about £300! which seems excessive.


    I seriously doubt it would cost anywhere near that. We don't charge our clients for letters they need as proof of something to show anyone (for all sorts of things). Some charge around £10-£20. Depends on each individual firm I suppose.

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    thats what i thought, basically my mums separated but not divorced, she has all the council tax and tax credit stuff so i'm guessing that would be sufficient proof, but i was told she needs to come in for consultation and adding the charge of the letter makes the bill around about £300.

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    she hasn't got a 'decree absolute', but she is separated.

    :w00t::w00t: £300 for a secretary to type a letter !!!! ok maybe your mum may have to confirm what she wants in writing and may need to see the solicitor in question ! But even so that is a ridiculous price , and if i am wrong and someone says thats about the right amount , then i am changing my career BIG TIME !! lol


    I would guess about an hour of their time. My hourly rate is £144+vat.

    It isnt just a letter that needs writing. A file would need to be opened, ID taken, instructions given etc.

    I used to charge out at £160 + VAT over 10 years ago :-) but a lot of solicitors also offer free legal clinics at certain times so it's worth having a look locally and seeing if there are any nearby, as you may well be able to get this done for free if it's straightforward.

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