solicitors advice wanted please

    Is it normal for a solicitor to always be very busy, ours keeps cancelling and re arranging our appointments as she has to go to court,she also sits as a judge at times herself.she is never available to talk to.she has a very good reputation,but we are worried she is trying to avoid us,many thanks.



    No. They will only take on one case at a time so they can give you their full attention at all times.


    Also court duties and cases are pretty much out of her control, postponements, adjournments etc

    It is the norm i'm afraid, and if she has a good reputation she will have many clients. She will have assistants working for her if you have any concerns. Also depending on what your case is, things take time. I would imagine she would make an appointment with you when she feels has enough information to discuss.

    Complaints about solicitors
    You may be dissatisfied with your solicitor for a number of reasons, for example, you may have problems with Legal Aid services and/or you may be dissatisfied with the outcome of the case. You cannot complain about these things to your solicitor. However, if you are dissatisfied with the way the case was handled by the solicitor, for example, delays, or losing documents or money, you can complain.

    You should first try to resolve the complaint by discussing it with the solicitor. All solicitors' firms must have a written complaints procedure and the firm will tell you who to contact if you have a problem with the solicitor handling the case. The solicitor must give you a copy of the complaints procedure if you ask for it.

    If this does not resolve the matter, in England and Wales you should contact the Legal Complaints Service (LCS). The LCS has a telephone help-line which can advise you about whether there are grounds for a complaint and, if so, how to proceed. You will need to contact the LCS within six months of the end of the work done by the solicitors, or within 6 months of finding out that there was a problem.

    If you wish to proceed with the complaint, you should fill in a special form available from the LCS. The address is:-

    The Legal Complaints Service
    Victoria Court
    8 Dormer Place
    Leamington Spa
    CV32 5AE.
    Helpline: 0845 608 6565
    Tel: 01926 820082
    Fax: 01926 431435
    Website: [url][/url]

    Just because the solicitor has not contacted you directly it doesn't necessarily mean that the case is being handled badly. She may well be entirely on top of things, it's just that finding the time to arrange conferences and such is difficult. What is the nature of the case, and how often are you updated with it? It may just be that your expectations as to how often you should be updated are a little unrealistic. Solicitors are busy by their nature, but good solicitors are very busy. Not being able to contact her is not necessarily something to worry about, especially when she is a Deputy District Judge (which, if she is part time, is likely what she is).


    A good solicitor would usually be busy 'cos everyone wants to use them as … A good solicitor would usually be busy 'cos everyone wants to use them as they are good.Having said that, a good solicitor would know this and manage his/her time accordingly and not take on too much work in the first place.

    There is a very good chance that the solicitor has little control over how much work she takes on. A 'limit' will likely have been identified for her, which is likely more than a tad optmistic, and then she gets given the files and has to deal with them. Solicitors often don't have as much control over their own case load as you seem to think, especially when working in a large firm.

    Which firm is it, OP?
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