Solid Bridge Camera >£200

    Looking to buy a solid bridge camera for less than £200.

    I have looked through and they all seem very similair apart from a few features or extra zoom etc.…tml

    Is what has been recommended to me.

    Looked at the Son'y which have better Megapixels but reviews say they are slow to focus and process pictures.

    But wanted to know if anyone on here has more know how.


    I actually prefer AA batteries instead of the rechargeable battery pack. Which is why i'm struggling to find a better one than the above linked.


    For £180 at Jessops I bought a Nikon P530 yesterday, runs on rechargeable Li-ion battery but you can get Duracell spares for £6 on amazon. Battery lasts well and very good camera. 42x optical zoom with digital view finder and 16mp. Also comes with a free case.…tml 2 year warranty as well. 12800iso and high fps. Shoots 1080p as well. It depends what you personally prefer tbh but I've had a good experience with this camera as I've been out today and tried it and it's within your price range. John Lewis sell it as well for the same price without the free bag

    the megapixels won't matter that much unless you're printing poster sized photos. 10Megapixels is more than enough to be honest which gives you maximum 8.5x13 inch prints. You should be looking for the sensor size as the bigger it is, the more light it can capture on the sensor and hence the better the picture quality. More details here:…84/

    If you want fantastic portraits & good quality photos in general with fast auto-focus, check this combo:

    Nikon J2 with the 10-30mm lens for general use selling for ~£160:…7f4

    real-life photo samples:…0mm

    and the 18.5mm f/1.8 lens for £100 (this is the one that gives you almost perfect portraits all the time):…68c

    check the results here:…5mm
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