Solid State Drives - A little advice please

    Hi all,

    I've seen a few deals for SSD's go up over the past few days, and i know that there is a performance increase in terms of windows boot and application load times.

    What i would like to know is, would having games run of one of these drives offer an FPS improvement? and roughly how much (if it's possible to tell).

    and also, if i did opt for one of these, are there any particular apps about that would allow me to move my os directly over from the existing HDD. It's already partitioned with a small system restore partition.

    Many thanks in advance and sorry if the above sounds a little dense.



    Kingston have announced a new SSD upgrade kit:…ies
    but I don't know if that is available yet.

    I don't see why the FPS of your graphics (I assume you are talking about frames per second display rates?) should be affected at all by disk performance - that's mainly down to graphics card but CPU and memory can make a difference as well.

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    Thanks Spod,

    The link provided a nice insight into how it would be moved from one to another, but at £279 for an 80gb drive, that might be out of my price range just now lol.

    Repped regardless.

    Disks, even SSDs, are far too slow to be used in games so you wouldn't see any FPS improvement because the disk isn't being used.

    You might get a some increase in load times for games (20-30% for the best ones), but nowhere near enough to justify the price on it's own.
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