Solihull vs Sutton Coldfield - battle of the West Midlands

Found 10th Jan 2011
Right so it's finally time to decide which is the better place.
The West Midlands' two premier regions.
Solihull vs Sutton Coldfield.

Please state which you believe to be the better of these two areas and why.

Me I'll vote for Solihull because:
1. It's not a part of Birmingham.
2. See number 1.
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Who oO
I'm sorry where are these places?
3 - Baghdad

3 - Baghdad

No need to bring where you live into play......
Incidentally, anyone who hasn't heard of either area presumably lives in a valley in Wales or something.
Sutton Coldfield is a nice town. And you get Sutton park.
solihull - sutton cold field is a solihull wannabe
Solihull, I used to go shopping in Touchwood a lot (didn't have any money but would buy food there lol) and I loved it. And I once stayed in a hotel there too.
Sutton cuz it's near me
sutton coldfield

soilyhill is only useful for the airport.
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Sutton no doubt!
Il go for solihull, not far from me
solihull any day
I prefer Solihull. Parked in Morrisons car park a few weeks back & couldn't believe it was free Also some good Town centre shops in Solihull . Decent place indeed ..
I live in Solihull now, but was born in Sutton.

My vote goes to Solihull. Sutton is chav-city nowadays.
I think most of you have missed the very important and relevant point that I raised in my 1st post: Solihull isn't part of Birmingham.

Sutton Coldfield for me.
better for what?

solihull=full of chelmsley wood who think there special.

Sutton=full of erdington who think there special.
Oh yes, I forgot they are trying to promote Chelmsley Wood as 'North Solihull' these days.
If only I could get hold of a gigantic chainsaw and cut Chelmsley Wood out of the Midlands and float it out to sea.
I have to go to Sutton Coldfield next month.
I'm really dreading it.
Sutton every time not souless hill!'
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