Solution for choppy audio/video on Acer Aspire One and others

Found 14th Feb 2010
I've just found a 'one click' solution for anybody having problems with choppy, stuttering or stopping streaming media, both audio and video and local and online, on their Acer Aspire One with XP, which will probably work on other laptops and PC's.

After searching for a solution for mine, including reinstalling drivers, crap cleaning, etc, etc, I found this website…/10 with a link and all information about the problem. The script in the link automatically installs to the registry and resets the direct memory access for any of your drives, thus clearing the problem. It has worked a treat on mine.

Installation of the script is obviously at your own risk.

Please note the link will only work in Internet Explorer or Firefox.
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Thanks, I shall give that a go....
i want to know how i stream my movies from my new laptop to tv. my laptop is a acer aspire 5332.
Great find, used on my old Thinkpad which had a hiccup every 2 mins or so. Cured as soon I rebooted. Many thanks
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