Some 4k Cable and Switching Help Needed

Found 8th Nov 2017
Can anyone recommend a cheap 4k HMDI cable? Bit bewildering on Amazon... I also need a HDMI switcher (not enough HDMI ports on the TV for all devices) but they don;t seem to exist for 4k?

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You're looking at a high speed HDMI. The high speed rating in a cables package means it can run at 4k 30hz minium. Which is enough for most home usuage.

Don't buy into this "4k hdmi" as they all can send a high enough signal to hit either 4k at 30hz or 4k 60hz.

It depends what you're trying to achieve for dvd, gaming pc, PS4 pro or Xbox one X. (30hz or 60).

Some info

The switcher does seem to need to support high speed inputs to manage the 4k resolution.
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Amazon basics HDMI cables work fine.

And there are plenty of 4K HDMI switches there also:…-21
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