Some advice about a declined Quidco transaction please

    Hi. In late November I used Quidco to purchase an expensive TV package from Best Buy but for some reason the transaction didn't automatically track. A few days later I had to file a missing tranaction with Quidco and was assured there was nothing to worry about. The transaction total was for £1799.99 so whether or not the cashback was calculated either before/after VAT, it would've been between £153 - 179 due back to me. In the last few days, the missing transaction was raised with Best Buy, and by the end of that same day, I had a response from Quidco confirming it had been declined. As you can imagine, I wasn't a happy bunny and was told they could only raise one such incident for each transaction. I am absolutely gutted! Whilst I know I shouldn't have done, I did factor the CB into the overall cost of the purchase. Quidco tried to say that perhaps I didn't clear my cookies, went via another affiliate, etc, (which I know I didn't). What is strange is that 2 other transactions that I completed either side of this one, have tracked. I am more than a little suspicious and wondered if anyone has any advice or words of encouragement. It's put a real dampner on my Christmas. I had thought of going to Best Buy myself ..... Thanks in advance. Seasonal Best Wishes to you all, Lizaberry


    You should be able to query to this by replying to the declined message from Quidco, but like you I have also had rejected claims when I know they were genuine and I had not visited previously or by other means. It is quite common for Quidco (or the companies) to reject valid claims and the best advice is not to rely on the cashback.
    I decided to talk with my fingers, I now use another cashback site with good customer service.

    There are ongoing issues with quidco and bestbuy. from what I've read on here (can't actually find the posts thanks to the fantastic HUKD search engine) it seems that people are being declined because it 'has already been paid to someone else' ie, HUKD.

    Edit - found them.…325…237

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    Thanks for that chaps! Read the other threads and no longer feel it is just me - the guy dealing with that latter part of my query with Quidco seemed to be a bit of a jobsworth and wasn't willing to do anything more about it. Can't understand why if the transaction/visit time and date was listed on the list you get from Quidco when submitting a missing transaction file, that Best Buy say it can't be traced. You begin to wonder if they DON'T want to trace it, and if my money has gone to somone else I'd sure like to know who that is - such injustice!!!!

    Use Topcashback, Much MUCH more reliable, Quidco have a 'couldnt care less' attitude to anyone who dares to question why cashback hasnt been received if you look behind its automated replies to ticket enquiries. (I had the misfortune to deal with a very obnoxious representative of the company.) TCB is also free, Quidco charge you for, in my opinion, an inferior service.

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    Admin* on hotukdeals says merry xmas and thanks for the large cash pressie!

    *He didn't actually say this..... I'd imagine its just a thought! X)

    Take not of csimans tip in that thread for future transactions.... and avoid quidco also.

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    Looks like I'm gonna have to wave 'tatty bye' to my cashback on this occasion then? Will think about TCB for all future transactions. Thanks for the advice. Just feel totally gutted - robbed even!!

    Should have learnt long ago to stop using quidco, no such issues of mis sent money on topcashback.

    Although at least this way hukd will live on with your kind donation.

    quidco are cr ap now and tcb are so bettet so next time dont use rip off quidco


    people still use quidco? oO

    are they the same people who still use IE lol
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    Looks like I'm gonna have to wave 'tatty bye' to my cashback on this … Looks like I'm gonna have to wave 'tatty bye' to my cashback on this occasion then? Will think about TCB for all future transactions. Thanks for the advice. Just feel totally gutted - robbed even!!

    Gutted for you too. I've just changed to TCB after all the comments on here, and the fact that they still haven't managed to get my £32 from AXA after 9 months.
    And another vote for using a separate browser solely for CB.


    Top Cashback is the place to be

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    would I be able to approach Best Buy direct to see what has happened or is that a big 'no-no'?

    Should never factor Quidco into the price of the deal.

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    I think the deal was good even without Quidco factored in though cos we got a free 3d blu-ray player with it too. Just was even better with the Quidco CB

    Dont bother contacting BestBuy direct, they will claim to have never heard of Quidco, as all retailers do when contacted.

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    I guess I feel so frustrated when there appear to be 'known problems' that exist between transactions tracking between BB and Quidco ... apparently. Shame they don't acknowledge that in there note to me about the declined cash back claim. I feel my blood boiling - Aarrrggghh!

    They wont do liz as quidco and hukd are owned by the same people.

    yep topcashback much better

    quidco just send you round in loops make you wait months then decline with no valid reason


    I would be returning the TV as faulty. Find a fault with it.
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