Some advice about book tokens?

Found 26th Nov 2010
I was wondering does anyone know the best place to get some book tokens for my wee sis, I have 4 of them, 23, 21, 11 & 10; I have them all sorted for Christmas bar Hannah (10).

She's a real bookworm & will be getting plenty of toys & junk from the rest of the family & Santa, so I'd like to give her a voucher so that she can order her own wee books online, or maybe is there like a series that she'll get posted to her periodically if I pay for it up front?

Any advice appreciated!
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eBay often have them at good prices, but make sure you buy from a reputable seller.
There are things called National Book Tokens, which you can get a decent enough discount on, and use at pretty much all book stores, also Waterstones and WHSmith do gift vouchers (a paper HMV voucher will also work in Waterstones).
Or even Amazon vouchers.
my kids get vouchers - but the offers are usually better on book clubs etc - could you give her a home made voucher for £5 to spend on books for a couple of months or something similar and she can choose ? They definately seem to do cheaper offers online.

Or ask her who she likes - and get a set from the Book people or simialr ?

try for the cheapest price
You can buy Book Token gift cards here and choose the amount you want on the card…spx
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Nice one, so National Book Tokens seem to be the way to go then. Can you use them online?
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