some advice about Wii please?

    I know a few on here have a Wii games machine, and was wondering if you could give me some advice? My son was in a car crash a few years ago and its left him badly brain damaged, but hes just beginning to use one of his arms and has started to interact at a very basic level, but he used to love his playstation and I was wondering if he could manage a Wii as there are games you can play with one controller, so what I want to know is what games can you play one handed, they need to be really simple kids games really, so any thoughts would be welcome, (positive only please) thanks


    Hi Jasmin

    Sorry to hear about your son.

    The game that comes with the Wii (Wii Sports) is one handed. Tennis, bowling in particular is great. Im no expert, but will also probably help with co-ordination if hes just getting back to grasp with basic hand movements

    yer it dose involve pointing at the screen in spesific points !

    it may be fustrating for him if he finds it difficult

    it dose take a while!

    To be honest, it sounds like the Wii is perfect - a lot of the games simply require movement of the controller itself (no complex analogue controls with lots of buttons and triggers) or simple button presses. The games themselves such as Wii sports are also simple but enjoyable which is why I think the Wii has been so successful. The only possible concern is that some of the games seem to demand a large range of movement but then again I think people tend to exaggerate the actions required.

    Another possible benefit is if you have wireless internet access the Wii Opera internet browser is surprisingly good - you can control it simply using the Wiimote and clicking one button. By moving the Wiimote it translates to moving the mouse and you can enter text by moving over a virtual keyboard which is not as clumsy as it sounds. The pages can easily be zoomed and and out (again by gestures) if you need to read more detail on the page or wanting a page overview. My brother likes using it simply because he can sit back on the couch and use it at his leisure, it sounds like your son might get some use of this as well.


    Original Poster

    thanks for the advice, I think it sounds perfect for him so im going to start looking around for the best offer, any ideas?

    RRP is £179.99 with controller and Wii sports.

    If you find one in stock, just buy it straight away, its still hard to get one.
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