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Found 24th Feb 2011
right so get into work tonight and da management said that basically they are now going to change the working hours of the shift i work.
same start time but now finish 1 hour later @ midnight, told him this does not appeal to me, especially when up with kids in the morning for school. he said it is in line with what the business wants i.e more time to work stock, face up store.
large diy chain, store closes @ 9.
so can they do this, change the working contract, i dont think they can and yes i do know about the climate and lucky to have a job, but myself and the people i work with dont really want to finish at midnight, but the way it was explained with saying it, was there is the door if you dont like it.
advice please
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I don't think they can change your contracted hours without you agreeing to it but I may be wrong...why don't you have a look at the acas web site…316
Well, it really depends on what your contract says, I would check to see if it says they can change your working hours etc...? are they extending your hours or changing them?

They can't get rid of you if don't agree with changing them if your contract doesn't allow them to. If they wish to extend them then they will have to pay the additional hour.

If they were to dismiss you for not wanting to change your hours, you get do them for unfair dismissal.

Either way they have to give you notice to change or extend your hours and a change of contract... if they have to change the contract to accommodate this it sounds like the existing contract doesn't allow them to, so I wouldn't sign anything just yet!

Maybe someone else on here has some further information!

Hope all goes well! Good luck!!
You need magicjay, HUKD’s resident lawman.
They can change your hours if its in the interest of the business and by giving you adequate notice

Give Acas a ring 08457 47 47 47…461

Thing is a lot of companies put clauses in contracts along the lines of "the company reserves the right to change your working hours..."
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Have a word with your Trade Union Rep.

You do have a Trade Union?
phoned up the HR person for a copy of my contract and she said although not in these words, like or lump it. if i dont agree to the contract change there will be 1 further consultation and if no other job can be found then its out the door f still no agreement can be made. only thing i can think of doing is leave the car at home cos the fuel expense and as the last bus is at 11.15, use that as not to sign,
will have a look at my contract tonight
Stupid hr rep forgot to give me a copy of my contract. Spoke to another manager last night who knew nothing about it, i said that you guys are basically forcing us to work extra hours (paid) and he said dont think they could do that but if the needs of the business change then you may have to change with it. Man sometimes i hate work
In b4 the usual "just be grateful you got a job" gang
what time do you start work - could you offer to start an hour earlier instead?
Perhaps he can change your shift pattern but from your op it reads as though he is making you work more hours which is surely not allowed…rk2
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