Some advice needed, TIA!

    Hi well In a week and 2 days time I will be in San Francisco!
    I'm looking for a good slimish camera to take with me and I've narrowed it down to three cameras:
    First of all theres the Olympus c-520(£115):
    Also known as the FE-280

    2)The samsung nv3(£85):…tml

    Bearing in mind this also comes with a free case lol!

    And finally:
    3) The Sony Cybershot t70 (£150):…ACK

    Bearing in mind I'm not the best on camera specs so any opinions or anyone who owns either of these three cameras I would be grateful if you could help?



    Hi not sure on what basis you have built your shortlist as it appears to be on price and possibly looks.

    Which did a big camera test last month and of the 3 you list only one was reviewed. Details below

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T70
    Sony's 8 megapixel Cyber-shot DSC-T70 scored reasonably well in our practical picture tests and has great macro (close-up) capabilities. It’s small and stylish and should easily fit into most pockets.

    It has a built-in image stabiliser and an unrestricted maximum ISO setting of 3200. But although this high ISO means photos taken in dim conditions are less blurred, expect some graininess in the picture, detracting from picture quality.

    Zoomed in shots also display signs of poor resolution but colour reproduction is adequate. Manual focus, shutter speed and aperture priority are all lacking.

    The camera has a 31MB internal memory and touchscreen operation, which a few Sony cameras have these days.

    Pictures can be taken in succession with intervals of less than 0.5 seconds in burst mode - great for a small camera. Almost as impressive is the camera’s ability to be ready for operation in slightly over 1.5 seconds. In general, this camera is relatively easy to use.

    Pros: Very quick between shots, easy to use

    Cons: Zoomed in shots are grainy

    Sadly the other two arent mentioned.

    Listed below are the top which best buys some of which might fulfill your requirements. I won a Fuji Finepix A900 in a works raffle and gave this to my parents recently for their holidays. The picutres are great quality so you might want to have a look at this which wasn't quite a best buy but retails for around £80 (Play have very cheap memory for this on offer at the moment as well).

    Bellow are one or two others which are non bulky cameras which were best buys

    Fujifilm FinePix F30

    One of the key features of the Fujifilm FinePix F30 is the maximum ISO setting of 3200, meaning that it’s a great camera for taking pictures in dim light without flash. In fact, it’s a very good camera all round – and at 192 grams with compact dimensions it’s nice and portable too.

    Picture quality on the F30 is very good, noise is kept under control well. Shutter delay is also reasonably good at 0.4 seconds, although shot to shot time in burst mode is slow – almost 1.8 seconds. At least the burst mode is unlimited.

    Features include shutter speed priority and aperture priority modes, for that extra bit of creative potential, but unfortunately no manual focus option exists.

    The LCD screen is a good size at 50x37mm, and it’s good quality too. Like most small cameras these days, there’s no viewfinder.

    Battery life is excellent and there’s a decent movie mode as well.

    Pros: Very good picture quality. ISO 3200. Aperture and shutter speed priority modes.

    Cons: Lacks manual focus.

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX100

    The Lumix DMC-FX100EG from Panasonic is a 12 megapixel Best Buy camera. It's small, thin and light, great for carrying around.

    Overall image quality is better than average. It is especially good if you like to take shots of buildings and cityscapes due to low levels of lens distortion - meaning very straight lines.

    It can operate with a maximum ISO of 1600 and has a 28-100mm lens, good for those tight indoor shots. Movie quality isn't great, but few cameras excel in this area. The LCD is slightly difficult to see from tight angles, so reviewing your photos with friends might be tricky.

    The camera’s shutter delay was a solid 0.5 seconds and it could be switched on and ready for use in 3.2 seconds. It performed very well in the general ease of use tests and comes with a good battery.

    Pros: Very good overall, low distortion - good

    Cons: LCD viewing angle not great.

    Canon Digital Ixus 960 IS

    Canon’s 12 megapixel Digital Ixus 960 IS comes is very good overall. It ticked enough boxes and scored highly enough in our tests in order to be considered a Best Buy.

    It’s not the smallest of cameras but it needs somewhere to store the built in image stabiliser and manual white balance adjustment.

    The camera housing is made of titanium and helps to give the camera good looks. It lacks manual focus, aperture and shutter speed priority settings.

    The maximum unlimited ISO stands at 1,600, however an ISO of 3,200 can be obtained in ‘high sensitivity’ mode and with a compromised resolution.

    This camera has an optical viewfinder, but in our tests it wasn’t terribly accurate. The 36-133mm lens means that its zoom is reasonably powerful.

    There were some minor issues with colour reproduction but the camera was quick to switch on and fired rapidly in burst mode.

    The supplied manual is just a basic edition but the battery life is healthy.

    Pros: Image stabiliser, quick, good battery life

    Cons: Poor accuracy of viewfinder

    Hope this helps.

    Hi i have been to san francisco you will have a good time there lots to do
    I have a canon ixus 70 this is a very powerfull camera you can also use foe short movies and its very small fits in your pocket without you knowing its there here is a link copy and paste
    have a good holiday…1-1

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice!
    Are any of the cameras narrowed it down to actually any good then though?

    wait till you get there to buy one ! The $ is very weak and cameras will be cheap. Head for K-Mart or Wal-Mart
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