Some advice on a GFX card for my pc

    I recently brought a new Pc, but just the basics, and trying to build it up,

    I've just brought a new game, and well the graphics are rubbish,

    I have a quad core processer etc, everythings all top notch, apart from a GFX card.

    I have a Biostar Motherboard (GF7100P-M7) , with built in Nvidia 7100 gfx card?

    I want to spend about 60-70 on a decent one to run my games well!!

    Any help will be very much appriciated!!!


    [COLOR=black]Hi jasonodell, [/COLOR]

    If you could tell us the following it would be most helpful:

    1. The size/type of your case. E.g. is it a standard height/width case, or a slim-type one?

    2. Your PSU make/model & wattage. Or, if it's a readymade PC, the brand & model number of the PC itself. And the PSU connectors? Does it have at least 1x 6pin PCI-E power connector?

    The hottest card at the moment for under £100 is the HD 4770…gle

    The best thing about this card is uses less power than similar cards so you dont usually need a PSU upgrade and this should run on a 300w psu


    The hottest card at the moment for under £100 is the HD 4770

    Yep, can't really fault that card at the price.

    Go for it, if you PC is a Dell in a standard-sized case & you're not too fussed with losing one or both of your 2 PCI slots - ]mobo specs. If the latter will be a problem, you may want to consider a 4770 with a single-slot cooler (if one exists!). Any Dell with a quad-core CPU will have a beefy-enough PSU to power one of these. It's just a question of having a spare 6pin PCI-E connector now (or having to use adapters/converters if you don't).

    check your 12V rail to on your psu.

    Agreed on that, good card for you. Crossbow, its nice to see someone accept another posters advice as valid, there too much one-upmanship and bickering on here sometimes. :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    sounds good, i'm not really sure on a lot of this, so i'm just going to go ahead and give it a go..... fingers crossed
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