Some Advice on ebay involving a laptop

Today someone purchased my laptop on ebay. Went on paypal fully paid like any other transaction, click on it. At the top it says all paid you can send this item. On the ebay itsself he has 334 feedbacks, 100% (althought over 4 years so could have previous negs). Then his name was changed earlier today to something new.

I was just wondering if I should worry, or if its just a coincidence that he bought a laptop the same day.

MY theory is that he got someones details changed the name so they couldnt find it again then made the feedback private so that if he gets any feedback saying this is a scammer or anything people will be none the wiser and send him expensive stuff.

Am i being to paranoid?? Thought I'd check though before I sent away such an expensive item.



Sounds questionable, is the paypal address confirmed? Id message them and see what they say, if the reply doesnt feel right dont send just refund them.

if in doubt dont do it! call him see if he sounds ok? if his details arent on ebay ask him for them?
you dont have to rush to send anyway!

I would say check Paypal details, then email the buyer, ask him if you could get a contact number just to clarify everything. I don't know how it works if he has " stole " the Paypal account and they inform you that you have been paid, I would say that you are covered, but just check to make sure. Even give them a quick phone call. I usually get put through to Ireland when I call. Sure to be sure.

agrees with above ask them why!

and secondly if you do send make sure its recorded and make sure the money is safely in your bank account

My ebay account was hijacked a month go
I would look at the paypal details- address etc and try to find his number thro
If a stolen card is used- u will lose 100%!
Say you'd like to confirm a few details and ask him for a landline (not mobile)
Just my opinion, but ebay is swarming with fraudsters looking to buy goods that are easy to sell on. If I were buying a PC i'd be happy to chat to the vendor!

it would be strange of him to do that after having so many positive feedbacks over that time period. You could just ask him, as its abnomal and you need to know your not at risk.

To Be Honest I Would Be A Little Cautious Too


To Be Honest I Would Be A Little Cautious Too

you forgot the chomp:?

i would get a landline number from him
also check if the address you are sending it to is confirmed/verified
this way i would of thought you would still be covered
but also you can phone paypal and ebay now and see what they say

You could also check to see what else they have been bidding on, if there are loads of high value items it's another reason to be cautious.

Original Poster

Sorry greatful for all the replies. The address is verified and I called the number on it. I got his mum who said he was at Nottingham Uni who gave me another number and got through to his flat mate. So hope to talk to him tomorow. Seems fine but I'm being precausious over any transaction with a laptop involved because theres so many scams going about. But seems genuine enough


give me the landline no ill use my workd username/passwrd

to make sure
its registered at the same address

Chances are, there's nowt to worry about. He'll probably have been thinking of changing his eBay ID for a while, but just has never felt inspired enough to login especially to change it. He probably just did it today because he was logged in anyway. I might do the same myself now you've brought it up, and I've just bought me a new chunk of laptop too.
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