Some advice please....just got a Nintendo DS...

    Hi folks,

    Some advice please.

    Have just got a new Nintendo DS from Orange as a part of their upgrade package - but no games.

    I realise that the DS has really been designed for teenagers, and even those younger, in the main.

    As I'm a little older (ahem!), could you recommend any really good software for the DS that I might enjoy? (and even some links to good prices if possible).

    Thanks in advance!


    I'm 28 and I love my DS, found myself palying on ym daughters more and more so bought her the DS Lite and I had her old style DS. I play on loadsa games, Phoenix Wright, Brain Training, Brain Academy, New Super Mario, Touch the Dead (not like that), Mario Kart, there really are tons of games for older players.

    Touch the Dead (not like that) Oh yes.

    The pokemon games are very good

    42 All Time Classics keeps all our family amused for hours. It uses the DS wi fi capability to enable you to challenge people around the globe to little games of pool, darts, all manner of card games and lots of other nonsense. We got it for about eight quid from Tesco Jersey.

    is the wi fi thingy only on the lite version?


    there is a 43 games one one cartridge, not sure what it is called but my daughter is continually on that, it s her most played game, i dont think you can go wrong with it, it was posted as being £11 instore at some tesco's will see if i can find post

    termite beat me to it but here is the link anyway…ics

    also quite a few £8 games at tesco jersey at the mo

    Both DS versions have Wi-Fi, (only support wep encryption thou).

    can anyone see the 42 all time classics game at a good price anywhere? i cant see it at tesco jersy
    also, princess peach? that looks quite good!

    If you like the 42 all classis games, you love the game: TOUCHMASTER !

    I'm 34 and the wife and I are addicited to it, trying to beat each others scores is such a battle... until the power light turns to RED that is !"!"!"!

    Trauma centre is a good game but plus I really enjoy wario ware touched and mario kart plus hotel dusk 215


    cheapest i can find with stock £15-87 also 7% back through quidco…uct

    nice one, ta 4 that!!


    Brain Age is a must!


    if you havent started buying why not got an R4 and go from there ;-)

    I was gonna say that.......about the R4.... save a fortune.
    I've just put a new 26 games on one 1gb micro SD card....just need the time to play them all now !

    [SIZE=2]Is it possible to Wi Fi the R4 ???[/SIZE]


    [SIZE=2]Is it possible to Wi Fi the R4 ???[/SIZE]


    Is Amazon a reasonable place to buy the R4 from (£25), or is there a much cheaper and equally trustworthy deal to be had?



    Is Amazon a reasonable place to buy the R4 from (£25), or is there a much … Is Amazon a reasonable place to buy the R4 from (£25), or is there a much cheaper and equally trustworthy deal to be had?

    [url][/url] have ordered fromt hese before an delivery was less than a week and can pay with paypal

    I really enjoy Nintendogs.

    LESS THAN A WEEK from DX site in Hong Kong ? - wow thats good !
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