some estitmates needed please from the lovly people @ HUKD

    how much is a nokia 5800 worth which i think is locked to vodaphone less than 3 months old?? with all bits and bobs etc

    how much is a 2g iphone worth was unlocked and jailbroken but dont know if still is since upgrade to 3.0

    (i know i cant sell from 1 week as i put them here )


    bout 150 is iphone 2g

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    bout 150 is iphone 2g

    thanks does anyone have a price for a nokia 5800

    Don't know about the price, but Voda contract phones are unlocked :thumbsup:

    Prob £150 I would think depending on condition

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    so they are worth about the same around £150 great thanks

    rep to those who helped:thumbsup:


    Thread closed, thanks for letting us know.

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