Some help needed

    Good evening all.
    When my Girl was 6 months old we got her a passport and it lasts for 5 has just run out so now do I need to (A) get her a new one. (B) renew it. or (C) extend it.
    As an Adults passport lasts for 10 years and cost in the region of £77, I find it hard to believe it will cost £49 every 5 years for a child. Or am I missing something?
    I have looked at all the Gov sites but it is very unclear as to what I need to do.
    Any help would be great.
    Kind regards.


    I could not believe this either when I came across it. I had always thought you got 1 free renewal for children, but apparently I made this up.

    new one-i just had to get one for my lad who is 10-thisis his 3rd one-one when born,one at 5, and another now!


    you renew it for another 5 years, thats of course if you still have her old one

    just going through the same, kids renewal is actually £48, plus £8 check and send.
    Hope this helps

    gov gravy train just paid over 213 quid for 3 passports including our sons whos 2

    It used to be free but as I found out a few weeks back it isn't any more!! You need to renew at the full cost after 5 years.

    I'm pretty sure the free thing is/was just if you're changing the picture 'cos (e.g) your 3 year old doesn't bear even a passing resemblance to their baby photo.

    PS - £8 check n send! Some halfwit in the Post Office has a glance at your form, says "that looks OK" and you're willing to pay £8 extra? I've never used it and never had a problem - it appears I can check and send letters all by myself.
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