Some help on a new laptop?

Found 18th Jan

I'm looking at getting a new gaming laptop, my budget was originally 750ish, but I realise looking around that I possibly won't get what I want.
The slight stumbling block I have is, even if I push to a grand, then everything I'm seeing for that price seems flawed in some way. Is that just the way of it? But I see a lot of concern for heat issues with Asus, a lot of screen complaints with Omen's and Medions apparently not worth the bother?

I'm thinking I'm being too demanding wanting a GTX 1060 card, i7 and 17 inch screen for a grand or less?
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I think it is possible to find if u stick with 15 inch screen instead. Try to search on 3bay. Last time I saw an omen 17inch for 1 grand with all the specs u wanted. Need to search around a bit through FB, ebay and gumtree.. Laptop will always have its own problem.
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