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    i have about 3 plug adaptors surrounding my desk and i usually turn the mains power buttons off at night but its right at the back on the floor

    Now is there something that, like a switch which could sit on my desk would let me turn it off from there?


    You can buy remote control units, but they cost about £30 - not really worth the money. Have you thought about plugging in to an extension lead & having that somewhere where it's easier to swtich off?

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    o right

    yeah i tried it but the only other mains socket is near all my tv stuff and it wouldn't reach.

    Thanks anyway

    this post may help you, [COLOR="Red"][/COLOR] when you power down like the computer it closes down all the other components, not sure how, am awaiting delivery of mine.

    It says you have to be on benefits, but just the box and fill your postal address in. No checks are done, and no one is interested either

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    seems what i need


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    by the way

    there cheaper on ebay

    i got a 4 pack of remote control plug adapters from aldi for a tenner, they work just fine and u can set all of them to one switch if u like, seen three packs on ebuyer for a bit more if aldi have run out
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