some help please

    hi i just paid someone from the fs/ft section i sent the money by paypal gift but he messaged me to say that was the wrong email .
    is there anything i can do?


    So did you ask him why he gave you the wrong email and since he gave you it who's it was, If he knows who it was then he can get them to get you it back and was it someone NEW or a known trader.

    With gift you have no dispute option, you need to hope he is a good sort.

    how did he know youd sent it to him if it wnt to the wrong adress :thumbsup:

    How much was the payment for & whom to? (get in touch with a mod with these details). Also, contact Paypal & see if they can assist you with retreiving the money although you may have limited options with Paypal gift payments.…ur/

    Might be that the email address doesn't match up with anyone who got an account with Paypal and it will fizzle out if not collected and you get it back maybe,but if I was you I'd contact Paypal.

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    panic over u just hit cancel when it dosent exist but thanks guys

    who was it....NAME AND SHAME


    go into the actual doobie in paypal and it will show up if claimed or not if its not claimed you should be able to cancel it


    Its easy done by type error I have done it before, glad you sorted it.
    All you have to do is log in and cancel.


    how did he know youd sent it to him if it wnt to the wrong adress … how did he know youd sent it to him if it wnt to the wrong adress :thumbsup:

    Good point.

    Move along, Nothing to see here, Move along.



    Good point.

    because he wouldnt of received it when hed been told it was sent......just a guess

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    Good point.Move along, Nothing to see here, Move along.

    i told him i sent it but its all good
    i never thought he was trying to bump me lol
    its just i never knew how to cancel
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