Some help regarding a purchase I made

    I ordered a bed on 5th Jan from an online store for my daughter. I received a confirmation email to confirm my order but there was no details of delivery date. I waited 2 weeks and heard nothing. I made contact with the store and was advised that the bed will come sraight from the supplier and I should hear from them within 2 weeks. I have heard nothing.
    Am I within my rights to request a refund as I was not aware that delivery would have taken so long and could have ordered from somwhere else to get it sooner.


    my mum is also having a problem with a bed which she saw on here....... whos the retailer?

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    [url][/url] however on receiving my receipt for my card transaction, the company is Carpet Tiles Solutions

    If the bed is being made to order then you cannot just cancel without reason, and you would lose any deposit or be charged a fee. If the bed is normal stock, then the DSR regs apply and you are entitled to cancel/return within 7 days of receipt, which obviously applies as you have not recieved the goods yet.
    The problem with most furniture like this is the fact that the goods are made after you order them, therefore you have no grace period free of charge.
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