Some ideas for Slimming World with restrictions due to Migraine diet?Help please Slimmers :)

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Found 12th Jan 2011
I am doing Slimming World and unfortunately also doing a Migraine diet so I cannot have:
Dairy products,Eggs,Chinese food and other sources of MSG,Chocolate,Caffeine,Citrus fruits,Pineapples,Bananas and Red Wine.
Therefore, it rules out practically all my healthy extra's,most foods include Quorn (NOOOO!). I have been doing it for some time and am sick of having the same food

Can anyone offer any inspiration?Thanks x


jacket potatoes with beans

home made chips,& mushy pea curry all free

home made crisps

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jacket potatoes with beanshome made chips,& mushy pea curry all freehome … jacket potatoes with beanshome made chips,& mushy pea curry all freehome made crisps:)

Thanks hun. How do you make home made crisps?


Thanks hun. How do you make home made crisps?

I do baked white fish with mixed herbs sprinkled on it- it's really yummy. Maybe you could add a few garlic cloves too whilst baking it?


Thanks hun. How do you make home made crisps?

thinly slice peedled potatoes (using a mandolin mind your fingers!!!), then put in microwave on a crisp maker. These can be bought at various places. then cook for 2-3 mins depending on microwave season & eat!!!!

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I'm not supposed to eat dairy products and wheat (find wheat gives me migraines) but tend to eat it quite a lot
Anyway, vitalite is the best tasting dairy free spread I've found, I use rice milk on my cereal the brand I use is rice dream with added calcium. It's quite sweet so using them on rice crispies etc is nice so no need for sugar. It tastes weird at first but you get used to the taste.
I also have some of the free from products at Sainsburys, they do chicken nuggets and breaded chicken fillets too- so nice! I also bought some free from bread crumbs from tesco (have yet to try them) to do crispy chicken, but it might fattening

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Hi. Thanks very much. I will have a look at the crisp maker assuming you can use fry lite?What is a mandolin? lol.
I will have a look out for the rice dream. Unfortunatly the problem is all dairy free stuff is quite fattening as I find it replaced with something else like oil.
What is the recipe for mushy pea curry?:)
Thanks again xxx

dont put anything on the potatoes they crisp up themselves without fat, mandoline is like a grater but with very sharp blade so you can get wafer thin slices.

just an idea but you can buy them alot cheaper think mine was about £4 in woolworths before it closed down :). I sprinkle cajun seasoning or salt on or any herbs u may like for a change of flavour to them.
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