Some info related to the battery used in DESIRE HD

    "We got less than 15 hours of use on a single charge of its 1,230mAh battery. This was not entirely unexpected given its enormous screen, though we wished HTC had managed to squeeze a 1,500mAh or bigger battery into the chassis. Our use included frequent phone calls and text messaging, two Gmail accounts on push, and social-networking services (Twitter and Facebook) on 2-hourly syncs. "


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    Pretty poor show to be honest.

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    Don't get it praxxy. We all know about the Desires poor battery life but most of us forgive it due to its (many) good points.

    As they say, not entirely unexpected. No matter what phone you get there is gonna be some give take.

    When we get to a stage where batteries will recharge in seconds on a universal mat (and we will get there in less than 5 years) they'll be complaints that you'll have to do it at all or that apple has brought out a non-standard version just to **** everyone off but everyone will get it cus it looks slightly cooler and has a half eaten apple on it.

    Give take. I still think HTC are making the best phones atm tho.

    I think when you're buying a phone you need to decide what you want it to do.

    If battery life is your main concern then I would recommend not buying a smartphone. Phones like the HTC's range begs to be played with and there's so many running processes etc in the background that of course its gonna drain the battery.

    In that case buy a Nokia feature phone or such likes. They'll last for ages but you can't do much with it so most of the time it'll be idle.

    I think 15 hours sounds about right for most smartphones under normal conditions so I don't see what the problem is really.


    I don't mind charging my phone every night - I've done it since my Orange SPV, E100, HTC tyTn or whatever it was called etc etc.

    However, a lot of people struggled to make the original Desire last a day - how could they not have improved things?!

    I love HTC, I love how they've made a mockery of the established names on a limited budget, but some on - you're in the big league now.
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